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  • Can They Back Out of the Deal?
    Our favorite negotiation textDear Rich: I've been negotiating a license agreement with a company specializing in branding cleaning products for supermarket and box store chains. The negotiations have been going on for two months, and we've agreed on the basic terms, the royalties, and most of the "back-end" issues, but we're hung up on who […]
  • Are Ads in Old Magazines Protected by Copyright?
    Dear Rich: I am working on a book project which would use advertisements from a major U.S. corporation that were published in a popular U.S. magazine between 1918 and 1962. The magazine itself was copyrighted, but the ads do not contain any copyright markings, so my understanding is that the ads would have entered into […]
  • Bobbleheads and Baseball Cards: Does Pairing Make it Less Risky?
    Bo Jackson photo by Chris Putnam (altered)Dear Rich: I’m trying to figure out if I can pair a sports card displayed with a piece of matching bobblehead art featuring celebrity/athlete likenesses for sale in a limited offering (maybe 100-250 of each). I know selling celeb art is risky business but what happens when it’s paired with […]
  • Civil War Letters Still Copyrighted?
    Ulysses S. Grant -  Virginia, June 1864Dear Rich: I am writing a book about the Civil War. I would like to include certain quotes from letters of Civil War soldiers. The question is, when were they first published? I have two cases where they were published in book form in the 1990s, but those letters […]
  • Contract Template for Graphic Book Cover Artist
    Two iconic book covers that later became the posters for the film adaptationsDear Rich: My company is wanting to hire an illustrator to do the cover of our travel book. We want to pay this person a one-time, flat fee to do this work, and they wouldn't retain future royalties or intellectual property of the […]

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