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  • Fair Use: Yes or No?
    Trick photograph of man with two heads (1901) Dear Rich: I have a new, unique book soon to be published about judging the quality of art. Every image in the book, from ancient to contemporary art,   is aesthetically critiqued, often with diagrams. There are no variables. It is consistent throughout. From everything I've researched, all […]
  • The Enchanted Copyright History of Nature Boy
    Frank Sinatra with eden ahbez (ahbez did not capitalize his name believing that "only God and infinity deserved capitalization.") Dear Rich: I wrote a poem using the entire song "Nature Boy" with the lyrics interspersed between my words, sort of a running narrative. Do I need permission to publish it in a book or other written form, or a […]
  • Do I Owe Former Collaborator for a Song He Didn't Co-Write?
    Dear Rich: I used to write songs with a musician friend until we had a falling out. Fast forward four years, and I'm now releasing an album of original songs with a California-based indie label. My ex-songwriter friend heard my demo and said that one of my new songs is based on another song that […]
  • Matricide, Movies and Salinger
    Dear Rich: I have written a play and movie script around a public matricide. I gained access to years of diaries, photos, and scrapbooks through a university's special collections library. The entire collection was placed on the curb for the trash collector in 1973 or 1974 but was then rescued and given to the library. I […]
  • Kick It! Marital Arts, Choreography, and Copyright
    Dear Rich: I am writing a martial arts mobile phone app. The app includes text describing the martial arts movements and choreography illustrating the moves. The martial arts forms have been relatively unchanged since the 1970’s. From what I can tell, the movements have been treated like they are in the public domain, without copyright or […]

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