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  • Contract Template for Graphic Book Cover Artist
    Two iconic book covers that later became the posters for the film adaptationsDear Rich: My company is wanting to hire an illustrator to do the cover of our travel book. We want to pay this person a one-time, flat fee to do this work, and they wouldn't retain future royalties or intellectual property of the […]
  • Does Renewal Apply to Both Published and Unpublished Works?
    Dear Rich: A song was first copyrighted in an “unpublished” form in 1950, and subsequently, in the same year, the same song was copyrighted in “published” form. The published registration was renewed in a timely fashion. The unpublished copyright was not renewed. Does the renewal of the published work protect the rights of the composer? […]
  • Natural v. Synthetic Tests: Copyright-Protected?
    Dear Rich: I have a website that helps people determine whether jewelry and gemstones are natural or synthetic. I am redoing the site and want to eliminate some of the sources listed for the various tests. I've changed the wording so that it is not similar to the source material, but it is still the […]
  • Police Photo: Public Domain or Fair Use?
    Dear Rich: I want to use a police plane crash accident photo in my book. It was released to the press and has been published in many news outlets attributed to the department. There are no privacy issues - no vehicle/person/property is identifiable. May I use it? Is it public domain or fair use? Public domain? Although […]
  • No Registration at Time of 'Infringement'
    Types of Creative Commons licensesDear Rich: I reproduced a Creative Commons photograph on my blog. The photographer posted the picture to use for free. A few weeks later, I got an email from a company representing the photographer saying that I was infringing because I didn't list the photographer's name. They wanted $750 to settle. I took the […]

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