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  • Is Artist's Permission Required to Reproduce Artwork in Exhibition Catalog?
    Dear Rich: As the representative of a particular (living) artist, I was recently contacted by the organizer of an exhibition in which original art pieces owned by various collectors will be on display -- including my client's art. Photos of the art will be included in an exhibition catalog that will be made available for […]
  • Opera Composer Seeks Rights to Deaf Poet's Life Story
    Dear Rich: I am a composer looking to write an opera celebrating the life and work of British Sign Language poet, Dorothy Miles. I am struggling to find out how I may gain access to the rights to her life story, to compose a 20-minute work. Dorothy passed in 1993, and according to my preliminary […]
  • Reproducing a Photo of a Statue
    Dear Rich: As I understand copyright, if I visit a park and take a photo of a statute, I own the copyright to the photo and I can use it in a book. But if I open a magazine and take a photo of an illustration, I still own the copyright to the photo, but […]
  • Does My Teenage Son Need to Declare Streaming Income?
    Dear Rich: My teenage son has been streaming music on various digital platforms. Does he need to file taxes on the money he has generated?That depends.Did your son earn more than $12,550 in 2021? Your son does not owe taxes or have to file a return unless he earned more than $12,550 during 2021. That's assuming your teenage […]
  • Is a Listserv Moderator Liable for Subscriber Infringements?
    Dear Rich, I created a listserv on my account at google groups. Someone on the list has been posting not only links to online newspapers but, without permission, the entire contents of the link as well. This includes New York Times and Newsweek. Who is legally liable for these copyright infringements: the platform (google groups), […]