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  • How Do I Locate Image Associated With a Copyright Registration?
    Dear Rich: If I'm provided with a registration number for a visual art's copyright, how can I check its image? I have tried searching on, but the result doesn't include the image.The Copyright Office Public Records Portal does not provide copies of the images, books, movies, or other copyrighted materials registered under copyright law. These […]
  • Can I Publish Interior Photo of Museum Without Permission?
    Interior Entrance to the Department of InteriorDear Rich: Do we need any kind of release to use a photo of an interior entrance in a new and very famous museum for use in a print-only format. The topic of our publication is the museum. The authors found the image on the web. I can’t find […]
  • Why Won't Playboy Grant Cartoon Rights?
    Dear Rich: Playboy Rights & Permissions recently denied us permission to use a Playboy cartoon in a print only, low number of copies, scholarly publication. The reason stated is “ I am sorry but the cartoon by [famous cartoonist’s name] that was originally published in the [month & 1965] issue of Playboy is not available […]
  • Is Artist's Permission Required to Reproduce Artwork in Exhibition Catalog?
    Dear Rich: As the representative of a particular (living) artist, I was recently contacted by the organizer of an exhibition in which original art pieces owned by various collectors will be on display -- including my client's art. Photos of the art will be included in an exhibition catalog that will be made available for […]
  • Opera Composer Seeks Rights to Deaf Poet's Life Story
    Dear Rich: I am a composer looking to write an opera celebrating the life and work of British Sign Language poet, Dorothy Miles. I am struggling to find out how I may gain access to the rights to her life story, to compose a 20-minute work. Dorothy passed in 1993, and according to my preliminary […]